Jon M. Gusman was born December 9th, 1993 in West Islip, NY. From an early age, Jon took kindly to cartoons, superheroes, action movies, anime and loud music. Whenever he had the chance, he would doodling his favorite characters on school assignments, making his own comics, sculpting his own creations with clay and making his own action figures with pipe cleaners. As these skills developed, so did his obsession. It would be his 12th birthday when he got his first drum set that his creative journey would really begin. Since then, he has played in many bands, recorded those bands (see music tab), dropped out of community college, toured the country and circled right back to his first love of all things mentioned just a few sentences ago. 


In Spring of 2016, Jon found himself in comic shops often enough that he wanted to give making his own comics a serious shot. He started with a separate instagram account for his drawings. On his lunch break, he was listening to Cannibal Corpse's "A Cauldron Of Hate" while eating a burger and thus Cauldron Of Burgers was born. Over the years, it blossomed from an instagram account into an outlet for all of Jon's many creations. In late 2020, Jon finally finished college graduating from SUNY Old Westbury with a BFA in Visual Arts and a tool belt full of developed skills. In 2021, he established Cauldron Of Burgers as a publishing company for all of his comics, zines, paintings, music and any other media he might make.