This is a series of 7 pieces that were created to stand on their own as well as come together to be one. Both pieces within “Forms In Pursuit” are meant to display motion and speak to the concept of the Universe. I felt that the large scale pieces of paper were best suited to captivate the viewer as they look into these amorphous layers of color. The inspiration struck as I started to read books on Krishna consciousness where they introduced the concept of “Self Realization”. This is when one realizes that they are a spiritual being and their physical body is simply a vessel that carries them through the illusory physical world so that they can hopefully pursue the Absolute Truth. "Of Absolute Truth" can be considered a continuation of "Forms In Pursuit" displaying a cycle in which the large, red manifesting being is about to enter. It is a world in which everything is born, exists and eventually recycles back into. 

Painted by Jon Gusman with acrylic paint and ink on bristol Paper.

fip for IG.jpg

"Forms In Pursuit"


Absolute Truth copy.jpg

"Of Absolute Truth"

(4 sheets of 2'x3',

1 sheet of 5'x4')